Not using my heater this past week

I have always been very curious about science.

  • Science is around us everyday and I find it fascinating! When I was in school I loved earth science.

I became an earth science teacher in high school. As a teacher I am always looking to continue to learn so I can tell my students about the information that I find. As we all know that this winter has been extremely mild. This has been one of the warmest winters ever on record. I have heard our local weather station tell the public the same thing. By looking at scholarly articles this is not only caused by global warming but our earth is going through a cyclic change. This is why our winter’s have becoming very warm. This past week I have not used my furnace at all. I was able to open up my windows for a few days. It felt great to have some fresh air. I am also saving money and energy by not running my furnace as much. I even turned down my thermostat a few degrees so my heater wouldn’t kick on. This has never happened to me before when living in the northeast, especially since it’s the first week of March. I wonder if I should be my air conditioning unit checked in case I have to use my air conditioner in the next month. At the rate at the weather is going it seems like I’ll be using it more than my furnace! I’m going to have to set up an appointment with my HVAC very soon.


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