Going to a soccer game and wishing there was heating

Travelling has always been my number one ever since I was little.

When I was about two years old my parents would travel with me a lot.

They would drive hours in the motorcar and hours on a plane. They would never hear a peep of me complaining. I was just in awe of the sights that I would see. My parents had another child about six years after me. She also loved to travel as well. As she got older she loved playing soccer. She became undoubtedly great so my parents decided to sign her up for a premiere traveling team. With this team she travels all over the northeast. When it is nice enough to play outside is when we’ll do the most travelling because this when outside tournaments are held. Yesterday my associate and I travelled two hours away so my sibling could play in a tournament. It was genuinely sunny outside and it was mild. However when the wind started to blow it was cold. I wish at all of my sibling’s games there was some sort of heat. Too poor they couldn’t install a heater near where the spectators were sitting. It would be even greater if there were heat lamps. I don’t suppose that is possible though because not only would it cost a lot of money but I feel like people would be fighting over for spots on the bleachers just to keep warm. At all of my sibling’s games I dress for the weather while dreaming of heat.


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