Outside air leakage into heat pump

When I was younger I had a blast at family reunions.

Our family is rather big.

My mom is one of five sisters and my dad has one brother and three sisters. At family reunions it was great because all of the cousins got together to play. I have so many memories of this. Now that I’m in my thirties my family is still closer than ever. Throughout the years our family has moved to different states, went on to take on job promotions, and start families. However despite all of these circumstances we all have kept in touch. Last weekend I had my cousin and her family over. I took them to the beach and we had a barbeque afterwards. We had all sorts of different foods and drinks. Everyone was really full so we all went to bed around ten o’clock. Around midnight I woke to the sound of my cousin banging on my door. She woke up to go to the bathroom and she found smoke coming out of our air registers. I told her not to worry and that it wasn’t a fire. I told her that I have to make an appointment with my HVAC technician because we have an outside air leakage into our heat pump. I believe that the connections to the return and supply ducts are well sealed. I need a second opinion from my HVAC provider because I’m not entirely sure how well a heat pump should be sealed.

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