Going on a date and feeling warm

I’m not one to go on a lot of dates.

  • However recently I had a boyfriend who cheated on me.

I was absolutely devastated. It took me a few months to finally get over him. That first month I pretty much didn’t move from my room. My friends would have to drag me out of the house just to go out to the bar with them. They urged me to meet new people and they always tried to set me up with guys. After three months I finally agreed to go on a date that one of my best friends knew. We went to a nice fancy Italian restaurant. I was excited to meet the guy because he seemed very attractive. He picked me up and we drove to the restaurant. His car was very nice but I was freezing. It was like he didn’t know how to turn his heater on in his car. I was hoping he was going to but he never turned it on. When we got inside we were seated near the door. Since we were near the door the furnace was blowing right on us. The furnace helped the cold air from outside entering when each person closed and opened the door. After ordering and talking to my date a bit I began to sweat. I really wish that our table wasn’t so close to the furnace. I was freezing in the car and sweating at the restaurant. I don’t think it’s me, I think it’s people who don’t care about their guests or customers. I’m really hoping that the next date I go on the HVAC system is used properly.

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