Parents updating thermostat and HVAC system when I was younger

When I was a child I had no idea what a lot of things meant.

  • All I was worried about was my homework, coming home from school and who could play outside or not.

Plus I loved watching my favorite TV shows before I went to bed. My parents would come home from work and discuss their job and what had to be done that week. Especially at dinner I would hear some of their conversations. They would talk about some of the renovations that they would have like to have done with our house. One of the projects that I remember my dad doing was replacing our old wood floors. He also redid our laundry room by adding more storage space. He also changed our old thermostat. Since our old house was from the 1950’s it had a lot of the original light fixtures and other things in the house. The thermostat was original and it was not digital. You had to turn the dial to get the temperature to what you preferred. There was other HVAC updating that my dad wanted to do but I didn’t find out exactly until a few years later when I was more in tune with our family’s home renovations. We ended up having our HVAC system replaced because it was a little old and it was better to replace the whole system rather than most of the parts. It turned out to be much cheaper that way too.


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