Coming in from a cold winter day and warming up by the furnace

Last winter I learned how to snowboard and I absolutely loved it! All of my friends snowboard and I was the last one to learn. I wanted to go with them everytime they went but I wanted to learn with an actual snowboarding lesson. I took about five lessons and I got the hang of it. I always wanted to do something during the winter too. I would spend my weekends indoors watching TV and doing things around the house. Now during the winter on my weekends I can go to the ski resort about forty minutes away from my house. Plus I won’t be bored anymore. When I go snowboarding with my friends we will leave my house at 8AM and break for lunch around 12:30 PM. Then we’ll leave around 5:30PM to go home. When I get home I am extremely exhausted. All of my muscles and the cold makes me very tired. Not to mention I am still very cold. I like to turn my thermostat up and get warm from my furnace. Sometimes I’ll sit in front of the air vents to stay warm. But there are some weekends where it’s really cold outside so I’ll turn the thermostat on for my pellet stove. Therefore I’ll sit in front of the air vents and the pellet stove to unthaw from snowboarding. I always make sure that before winter starts I call my HVAC provider to set an appointment to make sure my furnace is set to take on the cold winter temperatures.

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