Turning it all over to HVAC technology

It’s not easy to let go for me.

  • I don’t really consider myself a full on control freak but I definitely like to have my hand in things.

While that can be beneficial, I’ve noticed that the older I get, the more I tend to hang on to stuff I just don’t need to worry about. I’m doing my best to start to let up there and turn more things over or just outright let them go. Inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office, I’m doing way more delegating than I have in my entire career. And I’m not just paying lip service to delegating tasks and even whole projects. I’m actually taking a hands off approach and letting the people I’m supposed to trust do what they are good at doing. I’m still there is a supervisory role and I give feedback during checkpoints along the way. But no more micromanaging for me. The results have been impressive. My subordinates are much happier and I’m living with less stress and finding more time to do what I need to be doing. So that motivated me to bring this approach home to the central air conditioning of my house. I have long been a thermostat hawk in order to hold down the heating and cooling costs inside our home. I’ve always been programming the digital thermostat or micromanaging the heating and cooling settings in some way. That’s over now as I’m turning all of that right over to the new HVAC technology the HVAC professionals have installed at home. We are going into this Summer with the smart thermostat taking charge of all the air conditioning. And I’m actually pretty excited about that.

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