Last time I attempt an HVAC repair

When something isn’t right around the house, I like to see what I can do to fix it. There are things that I can do beyond just changing a light bulb or the air filter for the HVAC equipment. I’m not one to just immediately reach for the phone to call some service company to fix something. But I sure should have called the HVAC professionals right away when I came home to find the air conditioning not right. When I say not right, I mean that the heat pump was running but the house was so hot. I stuck my hand up to the air duct and could feel nothing but warm air coming out. This was so confusing since the heat pump was running just like it normally does. There were no weird sounds or anything. But there was definitely no cooling coming from the ductwork. And that’s when I should have picked up the phone and turned that situation over to the HVAC professionals. Yet, I decided that there must surely be an easy answer to this problem. That was a mistake that I won’t make again. After checking everything I knew to check, I made the fateful decision to go to the internet. This approach is a common one for me and it usually leads to some educational videos. When I started watching the HVAC videos that were about recharging the refrigerant, I was sure this was the problem. After getting a recharge kit, I decided to have at it which resulted in my overfilling the refrigerant and rupturing something inside the HVAC equipment. Thankfully, the HVAC professionals were able to put it all together for me. But I kissed away the last two years of my HVAC warranty by trying to do an HVAC repair on my own.


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