He will focus on heating machine repairs

Oscar’s stock just dove 12% this month after some news of a delay once again.

They just began producing vehicles, and now they’re saying there are going to be delays. The manufacturers also need additional funding to make the vehicles. Oscar is going to put this on the back burner of his mind and let it be for a year or two to just let it do its thing. Looking at a stock going up and down all the time can drive you crazy and Oscar doesn’t want to be entrapped in the web of it all the time. Heating, Ventilation and A/C system work should be on his front burner and not staring at a screen hoping some price is going to go up, that is just bonkers. Sherry did that for a long time and wasted three years of his life basically, which all began when Covid hit. Now, he will focus on heating device repairs and other things like that. The goal is to just let that stock steep for a while till something happens. It is now at 29 cents a share and Oscar won’t sell it till it hits the $12 mark or higher. Anyway, his space heating system is going to get boxed up this week for the springtime and summer time seasons. Oscar also will scrub the HEPA filter for the a/c so that he can run the thing soon. The temps are starting to creep up and it won’t be long till summertime is here and Oscar needs some cool air in the flat. Till then he is using fans for his climate control system at home.

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