New hobby space comes with great air conditioning

Now that the kids are in highschool, my wife and I decided that it’s time we dedicated more of our free time to our combined interests.

We both work full time jobs inside the commercial HVAC of our offices.

Actually, the office buildings are right around the corner from each other. So we like to slip out of the heating and cooling of the office to enjoy lunch together several times a week. So instead of going to lunch this Spring, we chose to slip out of the air conditioning and go for a walk together downtown. We’ve started bringing our own lunches to the office and that allows us to get in a walk and then eat on a nice bench somewhere. We’ve also started doing our crafting stuff again. This was something that we both really got into prior to spending the majority of our time raising our family. We used to do that in the basement as that was the most likely spot for it. But with a houseful of kids, the basement no longer has the room. So we bought a prefabricated storage building and had it set up in the backyard. It’s actually a great space with windows and a little porch even. We had the HVAC company come out to do the heating and cooling once we got the hobby space wired for electricity. The HVAC professionals installed a ductless heat pump in there. At first, I wasn’t at all convinced that something so small could provide the air conditioning that we would need out there in the Summer. Well let me tell you, I whole heartedly endorse these ductless heat pump as they provide amazing quality heating and air.


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