HVAC technician saved a woman’s life

Steve has been working for a heating and cooling company for the last twenty years. He is very passionate about his work as an HVAC technician and has helped many customers achieve indoor comfort over the years. Steve lives in a neighborhood that has old homes. Many of the homes have issues with their heating and cooling. One of the first things Steve did when he bought his home was ensure that his heating and cooling systems worked properly. Steve did his own work and upgrades to his heating and cooling and has not had issues since. Steve’s next door neighboor, Marjorie is 85 years old. Her husband passed away five years ago and she has been very lonely ever since. Steve goes to visit Marjorie from time to time just to make sure she is okay and that she is not having any issues with her home. Steve checks his mailbox around the same time everyday. Marjorie is usually sitting on her porch in a rocking chair at this time and Steve always waves to her. Steve and Marjorie live in the southwest region of the country. A heat wave was coming over the summer that was going to cause record high temperatures. Steve worried about Marjorie and hoped that her HVAC was working properly. Steve went to check his mail and noticed that Marjorie was not sitting outside. He pushed her front door open and saw she fainted. He immediately called 911. He noticed her air conditioning was not working. Marjorie got the medical help she needed and Steve fixed her air conditioning problem for free.


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