My step dad was too cold in our home

My husband and I are super lucky to have central air conditioning in our house.

Where we live (in the southeast) is way too hot in the summer to live comfortably without central air conditioning.

We also have a smart thermostat to help us save money on our electric bill. Typically, our home is very comfortable because we have the smart thermostat set to auto so it knows when to cool the house down. We also pre-set the smart thermostat to make sure it is nice and cold at night. Last weekend, my parents came to stay with us for a night. My step dad was absolutely freezing in my house and I felt so bad. He put a sweatshirt on, so I used my phone to increase the temperature on my smart thermostat. When my Mom came back inside the house, I noticed that she was too hot. She was being polite and she did not want to say anything about the temperature, but I could tell that she was uncomfortable. I asked her if she was too hot and she said yes. My Step Dad put his sweatshirt back on and I used the app on my phone to decrease the temperature on the smart thermostat. I am not used to people being too hot or too cold in my home, because my husband and I tend to agree on the temperature that the smart thermostat sets our home to. Everyone has different heating and cooling preferences, and I am lucky that I can easily adjust the temperature of my home from my phone.

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