A day in the life of an indoor comfort business owner

I have had my indoor comfort business for ten years now, and I can comfortably say that it has been the most exciting experience in my career.

There is never a dull day at the office.

There is also no day I will go to the office and not have some work to complete. I started my business with a lot of challenges. The first three years were so challenging that I thought of giving up several times. A customer almost sued my a/c worker because of an issue with a new air conditioning system we had sold him. We managed to sort the problem out of court, but the incident made me wiser. Ten years later, my a/c professionals are well trained and highly skilled in working on quality HVAC systems. My days start by checking the reviews on the cooling corporation’s website. It gives me an insight into how we provide satisfactory air conditioner service to our customers. If I have anything to point out, I will follow up with a meeting with the senior cooling specialist, who acts as my eyes and ears in the company. I then review our inventory and take stock of the available cooling products such as the electric heat pumps, the ductless mini-splits, and other smaller accessories such as the digital thermostats that are the most popular with our customers. In case of any restocking, I sign off on the procurement order. The technicians arrive at the office when I am done with the administration work. I supervise assigning jobs, including air conditioning tune-ups and HVAC installations that help with indoor comfort. The sequence of my tasks changes with the demands of each day, but all in all, I love it.


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