Being pregnant in the summer in the south is not easy

I am newly pregnant after struggling and doing fertility treatments.

It was not easy to get to this point, so I am very cautious and diligent about everything I do.

I was very overwhelmed when I went to my first check up. The physician gave me a list of everything a pregnat woman should and should not do. I was very concerned when one of the items on the list was: do not get overheated. I immediately asked the doctor about this. “How am I supposed to avoid getting overheated when I live in one of the hottest states in the southeast region of the country?” The doctor assured me that many women that live in the same state as me have healthy pregnancies and babies. The doctor gave me a few helpful tips so I do not get overheated while I am pregnant. The doctor told me to stay in the air conditioning when the air quality is really bad. She said that it is okay for me to go shopping when it is hot out, but to make sure I am quickly going from air conditioned store to air conditioned store. She also suggested that I get a sun shield for my car and crank the air conditioning immediately when I get in there. She said that she wants me to avoid laying in the sun without an umbrella because the heat without shade can cause me to overheat. The doctor also suggested that I purchase a portable air conditioner, even if I have central air conditioning. Pregnancy can increase your body temperature, so she suggested this for the days where I just can’t seem to cool down no matter how low my thermostat is set.


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