My friend opened a vacation rental and the A/C stopped working

My friend Bradley decided to renovate his insulated garage.

He turned it into a vacation rental home. The vacation rental home is not huge, but it is quaint and charming. He cleaned it up nicely, got nice furniture, and worked extremely hard to prepare it for his guests. When he advertised the home, he made sure to include that there is both heat and air conditioning in the home. Bradley made sure everything was perfect the day before his guests were arriving. The air conditioning was working perfectly fine that day which was a relief for him because it had been hot and humid in the area where he lives. He cleaned the entire vacation rental home and even put mints on the pillows to prepare for his guests. Bradley left a binder for his guests with information about what to do in the event that something goes wrong, such as the air conditioning not working. Bradley never would have thought that his guests would need the binder due to the air conditioning not working the first night. When the guests arrived, they noticed that the vacation rental home was hot and humid inside. The guests tried to adjust the thermostat, but the air conditioning would not turn on. The guests looked in the binder, and it said to call Bradely in the event the A/C did not work. Bradley rushed over and apologized to the guests. He tried to fix the air conditioning to the best of his ability, but he realized he would have to call an HVAC technician.

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