Can you cool a house without air conditioning?

With the rising cost of living, I was looking to cut down expenses. One of the surest ways to save was to minimize energy use. I realized that turning on the AC emptied my pockets more than any other luxury I accorded myself, so I went on a mission to look for other ways to cool my house without using an air conditioner or an HVAC system. I learned that whether you’re looking to cut down energy costs or are unable to pay for air conditioning, there are definite ways to cool your house without using air conditioning. First, you’ll need to hack a fan. Fill a bowl with an ice pack or ice and put it in front of a functional fan to create a simulated ocean breeze. Turn on the fan and enjoy the chilly, misty breeze. Set the ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise to push the cool air straight down during summer. You may also want to consider increasing your fan speed on sweltering days. Stripping in the cool is often construed as a winter measure, but it is equally effective in summer since it prevents cool air from exiting through your windows and doors. Stripping is very affordable and is easy to install. You can also keep your house cool by insulating your walls and attic. This is an affordable cooling system that will keep out the heat and the cool air indoors. Invest in dehumidifiers because they work really well in sucking the moisture out of your home. Maintain your indoor humidity level at under 60 percent to conserve electricity. Installing insulated window films and cooling curtains also help reduce temperature imbalances in the house. The insulated window films can offer up to 98 percent reduction of infrared heat than unprotected windows.


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