A/C systems options for older homes without ductwork

Installation of ducts is time-consuming and is also a major construction process.

It requires the alteration of walls and ceilings.

This is inconvenient to homeowners leaving a ductless system as a more preferred option. Ductless air conditioning is an HVAC technology that cools the entire house just as the central air does. The ductless system has tubing that enables cool air to travel through. The HVAC units are mounted on walls throughout your home. The ductless system is quick and easy to install. The typical installation process requires an HVAC contractor to place an inch deep hole in the wall to run electrical wirings from the outdoor system to the indoor unit. You can have many or a few units depending on your needs. Each HVAC unit has its thermostat and a remote control unit. These ductless units are much quieter compared to window AC or central units. A high-velocity AC system is also an ideal air conditioning option for ulcer ductless homes. This system delivers cool air through two-inch flexible ducts. These ducts are designed and engineered to fit into the existing framework, meaning there won’t be big unsightly ducts. You can install the compact air handler in basements, closets, and attics. Doing this helps you preserve the architectural integrity of your home. A High-velocity AC system provides the needed comfort without renovating the house or disrupting its design. Another option is installing ductless mini-split systems. This allows you to install and cool one room at a time. Ductless split systems have two main components, an outdoor condenser/compressor and an indoor air handler. These systems don’t require extensive ductwork to distribute cool air in the house. They can be mounted almost anywhere in your home as long as there is access to electricity. They are easy to install in older homes with limited space and are also cost active.



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