How to relight an automatic pilot light in a gas furnace

Unlike old gas furnaces that had to be lit by hand, new HVAC systems have an automatic pilot light that stays on long enough to light your gas furnace.

The pilot light is controlled by your home’s thermostat and lights when necessary.

When the automatic pilot light doesn’t turn on when needed, you have to reset or relight by shutting the supply of gas to the furnace. This simple act will reset your entire system and the pilot. You do not need any HVAC tool to reset your pilot light. Instead, you need to follow simple steps to relight the pilot carefully. First, you need to lower your gas furnace’s thermostat to its lowest settings, cut all the power supply to your gas furnace by turning off the circuit breaker or flipping the OFF switch to your gas furnace. Remove your gas furnace’s access panel atop the gas control knob. Often, this cover is situated at your furnace’s bottom. Switch off your gas control knob. If your gas furnace has two knobs, turn both of them off and wait for a minimum of five minutes for all the residual gas to clear from your furnace. After five to ten minutes, turn on the gas control knobs and replace your furnace’s access panel. Finally, it would be best if you switched on the electrical supply to your furnace. Adjust your thermostat to your desired temperature and wait for the pilot to light up and ignite your furnace’s burners. If it doesn’t relight, you need to call an HVAC repairman to diagnose the HVAC system more issues. The HVAC professional should be able to repair and restore your HVAC equipment to its optimum functioning.

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