Can I pay for lamination services?

My son Quin is already becoming quite the artist… He is only 17 years old as well as his artwork is just fantastic. I appreciate seeing his art from the time he was 7 until now. I need a way to preserve his earlier work. I know he feels they aren’t any good, but someday it would be cool to look back at his pieces and see the improvement over time. I want to make a book as well as keep everything in there. Because my son works with many different mediums like watercolor paint, charcoal, pastel as well as pencil, they can all smudge. I also am concerned about the papers wrinkling as well as splitting in half. So what I want to do is laminate the artwork for Quin. I was shopping around on the computer recently for laminators and/or laminating services. I don’t know much about it as well as could use some constructive help. I have never laminated anything before in our life. How difficult can it be though? I am assuming a laminator is created in the most user-friendly way possible, but even then however, I think that I will jam it somehow, some way. That is why I also threw in there that I might be interested in a laminating service. This would really be the ideal for me. I would appreciate sending in Quin’s art to be laminated as well as get it back done. Is that a real thing though? Do people do this as well as spend cash for that type of need? I suppose a printing dealer handles lamination correct?


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