Custom sofa for a game room

My kids like to hang out in arcades.

When you think of an arcade, you think of games.

Usually, there are things that go along with gaming that we don’t typically consider. Sticky foods and candy are one of those things. If my kids had it their way, they would build a custom sofa with a built-in mini fridge for their sodas and snacks. My youngest loves to drink smoothies on the custom sofa we have in the living room. This custom sofa is covered in suguary slime! When we got our new house, we decided that we were going to build a gameroom for the kids. They needed a place to call their own. Their friends are always coming to our house, and with the winter months coming, I knew they would not be able to spend the afternoons in the pool for much longer. The new house was going to have a gameroom under one circumstance- the kids had to keep the food and drinks in the kitchen. Of course, I knew this wasn’t going to happen. The kids knew how to sneak food and drinks into their playroom already. If I was going to keep the furniture in that room nice and clean, I would need to have a custom sofa made to go in there. I needed something that was kid-proof and that stains would come out of easily. One of the best decisions I ever made was to have a custom built sofa made for the kids playroom. Once I was over the decor of this room, I was able to sell it as a new sofa! People love custom built furniture, especially when it is kid-proof.

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