The air conditioning professional who offered us free consultation

As I was walking my dog in the neighborhood, I found my neighbors at the entrance.

They were having a conversation on the HVAC system in their midst was an air conditioning professional who was giving expert advice.

This was an excellent opportunity for me to share my experience with the new HVAC that I had purchased six months ago. I was concerned that I had poor air quality within such a short time. The cooling and heating provider asked me when I last replaced the air filter. The truth is, I had not replaced it since I bought the air conditioning system. As a pet owner, the expert told me that I should aim to replace the filter every month as a safety measure. The dog fur could be clogged in the duct hence absorbing dust and also emitting some bad air. This could also lead to the furnace/heater shutdown. The man also told us that he was an a/c repairman and had come to the neighborhood to do some furnace/heater repair for his client. That was an enlightening moment for me. I asked him to serve as my new contractor on matters cooling and heating. The expert further informed us that he runs an air conditioning business, where we would sign up for the homeowner solutions cover, which would help save on costs. I was happy to learn something about the cooling industry, which is part of our daily life. My immediate neighbor booked for an air conditioner install. Her HVAC broke down, and she got a replacement from the HVAC company because it happened within the warranty period.



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