Staying at hotel and couldn’t sleep due to air conditioner turning on and off

Living in the country is difficult at times because there isn’t anything to do.

We don’t even have a grocery store. To get to a grocery store and shopping center we have to travel fifteen minutes away. Sometimes it’s a hassle just to buy food plus I waste more money and gas in just traveling to the next town over. As my daughter grew up in the country should would always complain that she was bored. Therefore I signed her up for a travelling soccer team. We go all over the east coast. This allows her to travel and experience new places outside of our town. This past weekend we went down south for her soccer tournament. We stayed at a hotel in a city, the hotel was very nice. However I slept terrible the first night. The HVAC system in our hotel room kept me up the whole night. It would kick on when the temperature went over the thermostat’s set temperature. Therefore I set the thermostat higher so the air conditioner wouldn’t kick on as much. It worked good for the first fifteen minutes but then I became very warm. I decided to just turn the air conditioner off but I became even warmer! I was just not comfortable in the room and I did not get a good night’s sleep. I think today when we have some time between my daughter’s game I’ll stop at the store and buy some ear plugs so I don’t have to hear the air conditioner turning on and off.


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