Strange noise when my heater turns off

I absolutely dread the wintertime! Now that summer is practically over I’m not ready to face the dreadful temperatures.

When living in the northeast the winter’s can get very cold.

There is a few weeks out of the winter months where you can experience temperatures being in the below zeros. Plus living in the northeast you can never really know what it’s going to be like outside. One day it can be 45 degrees and the next day it can be -20 degrees. Recently I called my HVAC technician to come and inspect my furnace. Since I was turning off my air conditioner for the winter I wanted him to take a look at my furnace since it hasn’t been on for many months. When he came over he said that everything looked fine. But recently I have heard a strange noise with my furnace. When I was going to bed I decided to turn my furnace off because it was 50 degrees out and I like sleeping when it is a bit colder in my room. When I turned my furnace off I heard a really loud screeching noise with my furnace. I don’t think that sound is supposed to happen. Therefore I will be calling my HVAC technician to have him come back to my house again and explain to me why my furnace is making a strange noise. The sound can get high pitched and sound like a bang. There are times where it’s much louder in the morning than at night when I’m turning my furnace off.
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