He works for the heating corporation each week part time

Benson can’t wait for his next power bill to see how low it is.

  • He has not used anything but a fan to stay cool and has been taking cold showers for several months because their heater broke down a while back.

He saw their last power bill was $155 for two months, so this coming bill should be about $115 he is figuring, which is nice because that is for two months of energy usage. The total cost to live in this flat is about $1200 for all bills, and Benson’s Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional roommate shoulders $500 of that each month. He cut him a deal and dropped his rent by $100 recently because he works long hours but doesn’t make that much cash working for the local HVAC contractor in town. So, his bills per month are around $670 to live in this nice modern home in the neighborhood center just a quarter mile from the sea. But if he moves out his Heating, Ventilation and A/C rep buddy said he will pay $773 a month to live here, so that means Benson would be down to about $650 for living here, which includes all of the heating and cooling costs, in addition to Wi-Fi. The water bill is honestly low and food is about $400 a month, so that means they can live in this neighborhood for about $1100 a month. Benson works for the heating business each week part time and then he also makes cash teaching yoga and teaching volleyball. Their band plays each week and he also makes some cash from that gig.


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