She can call up the Heating and Air Conditioning business down the road

It is April 16th this week, oh no! Amelia did her taxes and that is all she will say about the topic because taxes are not fun.

Amelia doesn’t know why anyone would want to be in the tax field for a job as it seems so mundane and stressful, however she feels there is a job for all the people.

They really say the same about her doing standup comedy for 13 or so years. Amelia likes being a writer though, because she gets to use her brain while she listens to fantastic music to balance out her thinking. Her new HVAC contractor buddy told her they are going to play football later this week so she wants to get her tasks done before she leaves the air conditioned luxury of her condo and hits the beach. Amelia may play several games, however she honestly needs to get her lower back pain to stop. A pain that she hasn’t felt in more than 2 years is now back in full force. It is really from the stress of the tepid water heating system failing and Amelia having a tough time installing a new heating device. Well, it is installed now but has a slow leak that will need to be fixed soon. She can call up the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business down the road and get a heating expert to come out. But, Amelia feels she can repair the leak herself with some patience. She just needs to shut off the water supply, loosen the linkions at the base of the component and add some teflon tape.

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