She began playing in her air conditioned dorm room

Sophia hasn’t played with her bandmate in several weeks and she is starting to get the itch to do so.

  • He was gone in the mountains recently, but now he is back, so it looks like they will play in three more afternoons at a club open mic night.

Sophia and her bandmate would like to get in the clubs in the neighborhood and then start doing other clubs, but they want to make cash doing gigs so they are working on promotional material so that they can see what they are all about. They are getting cards made at the local supplier soon and will dish them out to all of the local contractors and clubs in the neighborhood to see who bites. The goal is to make $200 each per night minimum and they feel they have a good amount of music to do concerts and shows for all the people. Sophia wants to play in heated ski cabins in the winter time and air conditioned beach bars in the summer, however she needs to get her bandmate on the same page as her because he is a bit leary of pushing their band so soon. They’ve been playing together for just a year, but he has 15 years of musical experience and she has 12 years of performing arts experience with some music mixed in. Sophia started music when she was a new contractor back when she had a drum set in her air conditioned dorm room, so she feels between her and her bandmate’s experience they are ready for the next level.


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