Alicia does lots of air duct cleaning in homes

She does lots of air duct cleaning in homes and has met many men that way.

Alicia asked out this guy Jim the other night to go to a bonfire, however he already had plans. She got his number from her pal, as she forgot to ask him when they took a long walk one day. Now, she deleted his number. Alicia deleted it because she doesn’t want to message him in a moment of weakness and will let him call her. She likes the guy, but Alicia is getting weird signals from him so she will put it on the backburner. There are girls who are aggressive in this neighborhood with guys at night, trying to get the boys to come home the night they meet. However, Alicia doesn’t like to play that game and she is just more patient in general. Her job at the Heating, Ventilation and A/C business gets her around people all day. So, Alicia just doesn’t feel that desperate to meet someone. She does lots of air duct cleaning in homes and has met many men that way. But, she is a bit picky, which is really why Alicia has been alone the past year too. She’s a bit timid too, so that keeps her alone a lot, however she knows things will change in time and she is just trying to work on herself and her life how she wants it. Alicia is 54 and she works with the local contractor, and has been since she began working on heating devices 31 years ago. Alicia would prefer to meet someone she could spend the rest of her time with here on earth.
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