My son broke another space heater.

I don’t know how or why, but this year, my son broke three space heaters.

We put a space heater in his room because it is part of the home addition.

When we had the addition put on our house, the HVAC contractor told us it was too far away from the main HVAC system for the rooms to get enough heat and air conditioning. There would be some heat and AC getting into those rooms, but it would be minimal. We ordered a ductless HVAC system for that area, but it hadn’t yet been delivered and installed. It was to be delivered in about a week. We knew it was going to be two to three weeks, but it was now a month, and my son had broken three space heaters. We told him we weren’t buying another one, since the ductless HVAC system would soon be installed. He was upset that he wouldn’t have any heat for a week, but we were upset. My husband wanted me to ask what happened to the space heaters. One day they worked fine, and the next day they didn’t work at all. He tried to tell us they had to be faulty, because he didn’t touch them, but we knew he wasn’t being truthful. I asked if he had played with the dials on the front of the space heater, and he said no. My husband thought about buying another space heater, but it wasn’t cold, and I was afraid he would break this one, like he did the other. He had to suffer for a couple of days, and then there would be a heating system he would need to climb up the wall to touch.

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