The cat was peeing in the air vent.

Every afternoon, I was coming home from work, and there was a horrible odor in my house. I looked around, but I saw nothing that would cause that kind of stench. My husband came home that evening and asked when I was going to clean the house. He told me he had been smelling that odor for weeks now, and it was about time I pulled out a mop and started cleaning. I worked as much as he did, and I told him he could also pull out a mop and start cleaning if the odor bothered him so much. I took a day off work so someone would be home for the HVAC technician I called. I cleaned, and we were still smelling the odor. It seemed stronger when the heat came on and I was thinking it could be something from the furnace. When the HVAC technician arrived, I could see his nose wrinkle. He asked if we had animals. I had one cat, but I couldn’t believe the odor was from her and not the furnace. I cleaned her little box every day, because I hated the smell. He said it smelled like cat pee. I suddenly realized that the litter box didn’t seem to be used as much as it should be. He went through the downstairs, and he stopped by the air vent in the living room. The HVAC technician was certain that all the odor was coming from that air vent. We sat there talking when I saw the cat squat over the air vent. Our cat gets crated when we’re not home, and we banned her from the living room where she was using the air vent as a litter box.

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