He asked if HVAC had to be all capitals?

I was an HVAC instructor at the local technical school.

We were going through the preliminary get to know you session when I asked if anyone had questions.

I usually got a lot of smart ass questions, but I wasn’t sure what to do with this one. One young woman raised her hand and asked if HVAC had to be all capital letters? I could tell she was serious, and I tried not to laugh. I told her it was also acceptable to put it in all lowercase letters. She thanked me and went back to her book and listening to my lectures. Shortly after that, she raised her hand again. She asked about air conditioning. She wanted to know if she had to capitalize ‘AC’ when shortening air conditioning? Once again, I told her it was also appropriate to use ‘ac’ when shortening it. I went back to my talk again and waited to see if she had more questions? After ten minutes, it was getting near the end of the class and the young woman had been quiet. I hesitantly asked if anyone had a question before we dismiss class for the day? The young woman raised her hand, and I cringed. She wanted to know if we would get to do any work on an HVAC system the next day. When I told her we first had to learn about the HVAC system and how it worked, we would start looking at real HVAC system, she sighed. She told me she wanted to do a crash course. I told her she had to go through the entire year of classes, and we didn’t offer crash courses in HVAC. She quit class that afternoon.

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