Heating plus Air Conditioning Equipment & Where my Life is Going to be Heading

I work a lot in the heating & cooling world & am glad to be doing so because there are constantly exciting fluctuations coming out, which end up being better for the environment & better for my bank account.

They are actually pushing the envelope with the efficiency of the newer Heating plus Air Conditioning systems & it won’t be long before the people I was with and I will have totally orange heating & cooling for the home.

I think they can come up with a solution & it is just a matter of time till they do. I was an engineer back in the day & if I still were I entirely would be doing research & development with the latest Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment on the market to try & make it more disinfect & energy-efficient. I’m sure there are a lot of good engineers toiling on it now so I can relax & just let them crack the codes. I will focus on my songsal work & doing things that I care about & things that fill my soul with satisfaction & happiness. That means a lot more to me than building Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment in some manufacturing plant where I am stuck all day long. I left the engineering field back in 1999 & I have not returned since, & I know it was entirely the best option of my life because it provided me this freedom now that I did not have before. I can now work at my own pace & schedule because my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment writing job can be done anytime of the day or night. It’s a cool gig.


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