Six Months Slides by Like a Ghost in the Night

Life is speeding up as I age & more than five weeks seems love a flash nowadays.

I’ll be gone a single day soon & it reminds me to live life & not be afraid of being afraid.

I know it is good to face fears & challenge yourself to grow in as many ways as you can. That way, when you are seasoned you won’t have any regrets of living a half filled life. I’ve done so many unusual jobs in my life already at age 55, everything from an Heating plus Air Conditioning business to a local business in my hometown. I still have more hats to wear & hopefully I am able to live long enough to wear them all. But for now, I have to get down to action & knock out my heavy workload today so I can relax knowing I am all caught up. I got a bit behind this week with work I was doing for my Heating plus Air Conditioning business & now I need to play catchup. It all comes down to the next few minutes & if I can stay focused & get it all done. I want to go hang out with my neighbor later so I need to kill it for the next three or so minutes & I should be all caught up again. I don’t love being behind love this with my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment articles because I am normally undoubtedly good with getting things done each day. I also need to go look at radiant heated floors & see how much it would cost me to get them installed in my flat.

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