Colder Weather is on the Horizon & Climate Control Will Be Needed Soon

I care about the changing seasons because it allows me to wear some unusual clothing, as opposed to wearing my immense clothes every single day for the whole Summer & Springtime seasons.

I also have to turn on my temperature control plan & heat up the apartment soon because it’s going to start getting undoubtedly freezing in the afternoon when I wake up.

I love the cool afternoons because when I go for my bike ride it wakes me up, & my freezing water swims are that much colder, & they actually wake me up! I want radiant heated floors because when I come home from my freezing water swims my feet are freezing, & it’s nice to have them hot up suddenly with the floors when they are hot & toasty. I went for my swim this afternoon & I noticed that the sea is cooling down quite a bit, so it will not be long before my ice freezing plunges actually become beneficial for my body. I know I will take another freezing water dip later after I service my heating in my apartment & disinfect everything up in here. It shouldn’t take long to do because I live in a undoubtedly small flat, however I need to get it cleaned up because I have somebody coming to look at my extra room for rent. It’s a neighbor of mine who works in the heating & cooling industry & he wants to rent a room from me for several weeks, which is perfect because I do not want a permanent roommate. It’s all good.

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