Back in the Cold Air Conditioning of an Airplane Soon

I’ll be heading back to the States in about seven more weeks to visit my family for Christmas, so I need to start looking at flights & prices & all that stuff pretty soon.

If I wait too long then the tickets could get pretty high-priced so I should buy a single by the end of the next week, which is in several more afternoons so it is going to be coming pretty fast.

I know I will stay at my Heating plus Air Conditioning pro aunt’s apartment for the three weeks I’ll be back home, & I am going to just Uber it around town because a rental vehicle is way too much cash, as I found out last time when I rented a single. I also had a problem with the air con in the rental vehicle & had to take it back for another a single, which ended up being a pain because the rental vehicle business is a long drive from my home. It’s silly that I even need AC at all in December, however the people I was with and I live in the south where there is not much reprieve from the heat. I am going to work for my local business neighbor when I go back so that I can help pay for my trip. He runs a heating & cooling business & constantly can use some help when I come back into town for a few weeks. I am going to make a lunch sandwich now with some eggs & veggies & I’ll be back for more writing in a few minutes. See you soon.

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