We keep the A/C turned down really low in our house

We always keep the air conditioning turned down so low in our house that we ended up making a special basket full of sweaters and slippers for our guests.

I have a lot of guests here in our house because I just really love to entertain. Now that summer is coming, I’m sure that we are going to have many more people over here than ever before. However, since the weather is heating up now, that means that the air conditioning in our house is going to be running even more than ever before, too! I know that a lot of people think that our house is too cold whenever they come over. They seem to think that we run the air conditioning too much, but we are just hot natured people. I’ve always been a hot natured person and I really do love running the air conditioning, that’s for sure. It’s especially true in the summers around here because the weather here is very hot. We have a really hot climate and so running the air conditioning is a must throughout the summer for me. However, I know that many people aren’t going to want to come over to our house because they are afraid that it’s going to be too cold inside! That’s why I decided to make the guest basket full of stuff to help people stay warm. I know that people don’t like the 64 degree temperatures in our house, but I still want them to feel comfortable here. I’m looking forward to the summer now!

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