I’m sad my cats are going to get stung again by the bees in the nest by our garage

It’s hard having cats while living in an home complex.

Even if you’re incredibly blessed to possess a ground floor unit, you have limited space plus no yard to play in with your pets! All of the home complexes where I’ve lived in the past had strict rules about where on the grounds you could take your pets, blatantly to keep the creature feces in 1 location. My golden retriever always seemed uneasy when he’d be forced to sit inside all day because it was raining outside. I wanted to see him running through a sizable yard with a look of elation on his little face. Thankfully I was able to accomplish that much faster than I could have ever hoped back then. My friend plus I decided to create a start-up corporation in our free time when every one of us weren’t saddled with too much labor at our day tasks. To our utter surprise, every one of us had an offer almost right away after every one of us launched the corporation in 2017. The many of us made enough currency that every one of us each purchased houses plus reinvested the rest of our cuts into new corporation ventures. Now I own a drop shipping camping supplies corporation as a side hustle while keeping my original task in IT. It’s nice having a piece of property for a change, however there’s a lot of upkeep. I didn’t realize that leaving the bees alone in my garage would lead to them making bigger hives. After 1 of my cats was recently stung by a bee after he walked into the garage, I made it a priority to address the bee issue at once. I was so sad that I called a bee removal service plus made arrangements for them to come in a few mornings to get rid of the bees in my garage.

Bee Extermination

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