I really wish that I had gone another way

I really wish that I had gone another way whenever I got out of high school.

  • I thought that I wanted to go to college and become an accountant, but then I ended up going to college for a business degree and I really hated it.

I thought that it was the most boring thing ever and I did not enjoy learning about any of the things I took classes for. Worst of all, I was paying to go to classes that I absolutely hated. By the time I finished with all of my college classes, I had wracked up a whole lot of debt and I was upset about having to pay all of that back. I knew that it was going to take me years and years to do it. Plus, I didn’t really even want to go into business at that point so it felt like it was all for nothing. When I had been out of school for a while, I decided to take an HVAC certification class at our local technical school here in town. I never really thought about becoming an HVAC technician until I took that course, but I ended up really liking it. I took to heating and cooling like a duck takes to water, I guess you could say. I learned all that I could about heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Once I got out of the course and graduated with my HVAC certification, I immediately got a job with a local HVAC company. Now, I’ve been working with this HVAC company for several years now and I really love it there. I only wish that I had known how much I would like HVAC work whenever I first graduated from high school.



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