Are you considering a ductless mini split system yet?

Ductless mini split systems work similarly to a heat pump and have been popular in other countries for over thirty years. Now they are starting to become popular in the United States. These systems involve an outdoor air compressor/condenser connected to an indoor air handler unit. The indoor handler unit is a small, sleek box that is mounted to either a wall or the ceiling. It can even be integrated seamlessly into a drop down ceiling. The big difference with this air handler compared to central systems is that it doesn’t require any ductwork. Ductless mini split systems offer heating and cooling to unlikely spaces. They allow areas of homes that don’t have ductwork to still benefit year-round climate control. That means that a drafty addition or an older home can still be comfortable without space heaters or window air units. Mini splits have a reputation for being highly energy efficient. While a mini split system has an indoor air handler component, the compressor and condenser of the unit are located outside, which means that the system is much quieter than using something like a window A/C. They may even seem quieter than your central air system, since they don’t require ductwork. If you have a large section of your home that is lacking ductwork, installing a mini split system for this area of your home will not only allow you to heat and cool it, but to heat and cool it in zones. With some mini split systems, the outdoor condenser can be linked to up to four indoor air handlers. They can be a great option for homeowners looking for flexible heating and cooling solutions.


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