There wasn’t hot water in the shower

My wife and I went on vacation last year during the winter season.

Instead of staying home for the holidays, we decided to enjoy ourselves on a skiing adventure.

We stayed in a small cabin that I found online. The two bedroom and one bath cabin had a hot tub and a view of the double diamond slope. When we arrived at the cabin, the first thing my wife wanted to do was take a shower. Both of us had worked all day and she was ready to clean up. She turned on the hot water and waited for the temperature to rise. Unfortunately, there was no hot water coming out of the faucet after several minutes. I tried the hot water in the small kitchen as well, but there was no hot water there as well. I immediately contacted the owner of the cabin. I left a message on the answering machine. I was worried the guy might not call me back that night, but he returned my call about 10 or 15 minutes after I left the message. He told me that the hot water heater needed to be turned on. It was a simple button that needed to be pressed. He only had the hot water heater on when renters were in the cabin and he apologized. He forgot to turn on the water heater when he was there to inspect the cabin earlier that day. Since we didn’t have hot water when we arrived, the guy arranged for us to have free ski lift access all day on Saturday and we took advantage of that deal. He didn’t need to do anything extra, but we didn’t say no.
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