We carefully considered our HVAC upgrade options

We opted for the electric furnace working with the ductless mini split

When my wife and I had the opportunity to upgrade to a new HVAC system, we considered what we wanted to do in the near future. I was actually thinking about having solar panels installed, so I told my wife that maybe we should consider going for an electric furnace. She asked if that wouldn’t be more costly on the energy bills. I said if we had it working with the solar panels, we would have extremely low energy bills and our furnace would still be working even if the power went out! My wife thought this actually sounded like a great idea, so she was with me. So we decided to have an HVAC professional come out for a free consultation. He actually agreed with us that it was a brilliant move to go for a solar panel HVAC system that is all electric. He even pointed out some of the more energy efficient options like the ductless mini split system. This type of system is extremely energy efficient, but it can only heat the home down to negative 5 degrees fahrenheit. If the winters drop any lower than that, the guy explained it would be best to go for a dual fuel system. The dual fuel system sounds perfect to be honest because you can have a ductless mini split working with either an electric furnace or a gas furnace. We opted for the electric furnace working with the ductless mini split. The ductless mini split provides both heating and cooling, and the electric furnace takes over the heating when the temperatures fall below 40 degrees fahrenheit. We also had the solar panels installed, and the energy bills are lower than I’ve ever seen.

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