A random lady came to my house telling me about HVAC systems

I was surprised when I had a lady come to my house and she started telling me about modern HVAC systems.

I learned she was representing one of the local HVAC companies.

I said I wasn’t interested in buying anything and she said that was okay. She said she just wanted to give me some information about the HVAC systems that were currently on the market and if I thought I might ever want to go for an installation, there was a special discount for me. When she said I could save 20% off on any HVAC installation, I decided it couldn’t hurt to speak with her for awhile. I was supposed to go hang with my buddies, but instead I was doing this thing. As I was speaking with this HVAC representative, my buddies kept sending me texts asking where I was. They asked me to pick up beer, snacks, and some other things. I told them I was going to be a little bit late. I thought the HVAC representative was pleasant to speak with and she answered all of my questions about different HVAC systems and components. I was asking her about the air quality and what HVAC components were used. She was happy to explain how I could improve air quality with a good air purification system, humidifiers, and quality air filters. She said they were actually having a special on HEPA filters if I was interested. I realized that technically she was just a salesperson, but I still learned a lot about HVAC components and figured it would be good to go for a nice HVAC down the road when I owned my own home.


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