I chose to stay in school during the summer

When it’s the end of the school year and summer is beginning, our classes end and we leave school and go home until school starts back up again.

However, any student willing to stay behind can attend extra classes for the summer.

That means you can choose to continue with your studies while others are relaxing. I am usually the first out the door! But, this summertime I’ve chosen to stay in school. Summer classes will bring me closer to the vision that I have for my life. I only have one year left to graduate and need all the extra classes I can get to speed this up. However, reading in a boiling and humid place isn’t simple. Thankfully, our school has invested in a state-of-the-art indoor cooling system. The classes are enjoyable and fulfilling when the A/C unit is on. Every day, the AC unit works at maximum capacity to cool every inch of the campus. It connects to a robust outdoor unit. The crucial exterior AC serves other additional places in the school like the dorms, cafeteria, plus student center! Anytime there has an issue, the Heating and A/C specialist on-site looks into it. If the problem needs more help, the administration calls in the best A/C unit maintenance company near the school. Usually, the cooling plus heating unit supplier comes in every Spring to clean out the system. The filters are first to get thorough cleaning which removes all dirt plus debris from the previous year. Such continuous Heating and A/C maintenance is proving worth the additional cost. There’s no day I’ve missed a class because it’s too humid since the AC has a humidifier. It’s one of the features that keep the air quality fresh. Though every class has a small window mini-split, it’s not been in use even once so far. The portable AC works as a backup in case the central cooling plus heating unit ever fails. It’s better to have it around than get disrupted because the A/C unit is down.
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