My Dad thinks my air cleaner is really nice

My Dad thinks my air cleaner is really nice.

I finally got down to only having numerous air cleaners in my house.

I was so enthusiastic with myself. I decided to celebrate by buying myself one more air cleaner. I suppose that makes no sense whatsoever because the whole point was to get down to only having numerous air cleaners, and if I were to buy another one, I would have more than five air cleaners. Well, it made sense in my brain for some reason. I guess it is because every time I guess of buying myself something to celebrate an option or accomplishment, I guess of buying an air cleaner. I wish I would have taken the time to guess that one through, but I didn’t. I went ahead and obtained myself a sixth air cleaner. I am easily absolutely enthusiastic with my current air cleaner though. It is seriously the coolest air cleaner that I have gotten yet. It has so many pretty light settings, and the options on the thing are crazy. I have never had such a nice air cleaner in my life, and I have owned too many air cleaners to count. My Dad came over to my lake house the other afternoon, and she truly commented on how nice my current air cleaner was. She normally does not say anything about my air cleaners because she knows that I have a crazy obsession with them. She hates that I have so many air cleaners. My current air cleaner must be pretty awesome if she said that she prefers it.


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