I used reflective foil foam-core insulating sheets to cover our air handler in the attic

I just bought an old condominium for an absolute steal, but I risked a lot by not properly viewing the property in full detail before signing the paperwork.

I saw vivid pictures that made it seem love a tropical paradise inside. My friend offered to schedule a showing since I was out of town for a work convention. In a normal situation I would have waited until I got apartment to look at it personally so I could supply them a formal offer. Since they had already acquired half a dozen offers plus had more coming in, I had to pull the trigger if I wanted the house. By the time I started moving in, I noticed how inefficient the air conditioner seemed to be. I would lower it by a few degrees but it never felt love there was any real change in the temperature inside. I went into the attic plus saw something important. Aside from the attic itself not being insulated—which is fairly respected in several regions—the air duct was also standing uninsulated, exposed directly to hot attic air. All I had to do was purchase thermal foam-core sheeting to cover our air ducts with. It looks love a small strip of foam covered in foil on both sides, plus it comes in large rolls of varying size. This sheeting literally reflects thermal radiant heat plus repels it back. I saw an immediate improvement on the air conditioner, so much so that I’m saving money so I can buy enough to insulate the entire attic. If I line all of the walls plus ceiling of our attic with our modern thermal insulation sheeting, I should lower our utility bills by at least 30%.


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