I guess I have too many air cleaners

I guess I have too many air cleaners, and i have not gone through my air cleaners in years.

  • I am a little bit obsessed with air cleaners, and it has gotten out of hand for sure.

I truly have around twenty air cleaners. I did not pay full price for all of the air cleaners, some of them were given to me, and some of them I found at yard sales or thrift stores. I have to admit, most of them I obtained on my own. I spent so much money on air cleaners. It is truly close to numerous thoUSnd dollars. I suppose that is sort of ridiculous, so I am trying to sell some of the air cleaners. I have listed a few on the internet. Hopefully, I can get some of my money back for the ones that I don’t use anymore… The reason that I have so many is because I would buy one air cleaner and then I would find another one that was supposedly better, so I would buy that one. The cycle would just keep going because everyone sells the best air cleaner or so they advertise. I have fallen for so many tricks. I have gotten cheaply made air cleaners that hardly labor and paid a lot of money for them just because I fall for every gimmick out there. I am trying to labor on it. I have asked some of my closest friends for help with my air cleaner obsession. I hope to get down to only having numerous air cleaners in my house.

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