Building custom furniture out of pallets

One of my friends is very creative when it comes to building custom furniture out of pallets. Last week, she invited me over for wine and dinner to celebrate her new job. Lauren is always looking for a reason to celebrate, so I knew that it would be fun. Plus, I was very happy for her for landing her dream job so early into her career. On my drive over to her house, I thought about all of the cool crafts we used to make in college. She was my college roommate and most of the furniture we had was custom built by her. She was in the sculpture program at our university and had a way of building custom furniture out of anything. When I arrived at her house, I wanted to know what kind of projects she had been working on. All of the furniture in her house was built by herself and her husband. They are quite the power couple when it comes to creativity. Her creative style paired with his woodworking skills makes for a unique style and a lot of quality, custom furniture! Her newest project was building custom outdoor patio furniture for their new home. She built a custom sofa, coffee table and grill stand all from old pallets. The backyard was just their style. It is so great to see two creative minds come together to create a space that is the perfect combination of the two of them.


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