Flower tea can help my itchy scratchy throat

The two of us had a bad bout with the flu as well as ended up with a sore throat that was horrible.

  • The two of us tried many medications as well as had a giant box of cough drops.

None of these things worked very well as well as the two of us were feeling uncomfortable with medication side effects. The two of us spoke with a neighbor that proposed organic flower tea. Of course I considered flowers to be a plant for seasonal pots that are stuck by the door. I did not believe that marigolds were something to be considered edible. The two of us were seemingly skeptical, but the two of us agreed to drink some of that Miracle tea. The two of us genuinely discovered that marigold flowers can effectively treat sore throats. Marigold flowers have antiseptic as well as antimicrobial properties. People have been using Marigold tea to treat ulcers, gingivitis, as well as tonsillitis for the past five decades. Marigold flavored tea can soothe our membranes in the throat, Eyes, Nose, as well as our pain. These Marigold teas have lots of properties to treat skin wounds as well from insects, stains, eczema, birds, calluses, as well as hell. Marigold tea also encourages healthy cell growth as well as the formation of new tissues. It even supports the restructuring of collagen in the skin. Much research has been proven to show that Marigold tea can be an effective treatment for many different things that could affect a person today.
Organic tea

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