Storm messed up my house

I just had this completely crazy storm come Last year! I’ve never seen a storm that was so bad.

It thundered & lightning love crazy & the wind was howling.

It was quite a violet storm & I lost power… The next day I went out to assess the disfigure, & it wasn’t pretty, however broken limbs lay all over my yard, & 1 of my windows broke. The worst was being without power, then most power outages only take a day, occasionally a few at the most. I was without power for an entire week! Finally, when I got my power back, I thought it was over, but no. Instead, now my cooling device wasn’t working; Since my cooling device was outside, I am thinking that the storm actually disfigured it… Especially since my a/c device was working just nice beforehand. I had to call a HVAC worker out, & as much as I wanted to avoid a bill, I knew I was going to need my a/c unit. Thankfully, the storm hadn’t disfigured my cooling component as much as I feared, it had only wedged a thick branch in between the fan blades. The HVAC tech cleared all of the branches away & any other debris that was left behind. I could breathe a sigh of relief, at least that was 1 hefty bill I avoided! I did most of the yardwork of removing any extra branches & cleared away the broken glass, then now I just needed to get my powder room window fixed & my life can resume back to normal.


HVAC service plan

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