Proper Heating & Air Conditioning air filtration can make a huge difference in your health

Given the crisis that all of us find ourselves going through, the health of ourselves & our enjoyed a singles is at the forefront of our thoughts.

I suppose that this is the case in this house. We are all cooped up in our Heating & Air Conditioning controlled condo right now & for the foreseeable future. The coronavirus situation has made it particularly necessary to just stay home. While I am truly, truly thankful to have a cabin that is truly well Heating & Air Conditioning worked on. I actually want to do a bit more to help protect our family. I realize that our Heating & Air Conditioning as it is neither creates nor destroys virus on its own. Keeping virus out of our condo is on us. But, the immune health of our family is a truly key element in all of this health crisis going on all around us. Simply ordering & then installing better Heating & Air Conditioning air filters will go a truly long way toward keeping our family healthy. Currently, I use Heating & Air Conditioning air filters that are of the cheap, paper variety. This is for purely economic reasons which I have recently found out are stupid. Those cheap Heating & Air Conditioning air filters do nothing to trap the airborne contaminants that compromise our immune system. They are designed to catch the larger particulate that might harm the Heating & Air Conditioning machinery itself. That means that all the allergens, pet dander & hazardous biological pollutants are blowing around the inside of our home. Considering that the Heating & Air Conditioning cycles the air in our condo at least 5 to 7 times per afternoon, that is a lot of airborne bad stuff knocking down our immune system. So, I ordered the more pricey HEPA filters that will trap & remove 99 percent of these harmful airborne elements.

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