Prisons Need Air Quality Upgrades

We are currently staring at a potential crisis in the prison systems, however even though the two of us are all the time being able to release more plus more non violent prisoners during the crisis, several in the industry know that the two of us might face the death of countless prisoners over the coming years if the two of us do not find ways to stop the spread of the germs among inmates that leads to this virus; There is only so much surface cleaning that can be done by our cleaning staff, although at the same time it is a big section of our response plus the two of us continue to look for ways to improve upon best practices there, then we are currently awaiting further instruction on just this issue! It has also been brought to our attention that air transmission is a big ticking timebomb in relation to this virus.

That is why the two of us have put all of our advocacy efforts towards lobbying the government for air quality upgrades, then hEPA filters, UV air cleaner plus regular humidity control are baseline needs to ensure the health plus safety of inmates plus staff alike! Of course some of our prisons are involved in a corporate structure where private companies will have final say in budgetary concerns, then at this point the two of us know confident that the two of us will be able to have these decision makers make the right decisions for the health plus safety of all involved, eeven if that does mean a previously unplanned for outlay.

The official situation where prison safety is a lesser priority for the wider public does not seem to apply here, plus there will be good pressures on all concerned parties to make sure that safety trumps any bottom line concerns, plus indeed of course the 2 are inter related.


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